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As an avid Yogi I have seen many individuals, including myself, transformed by yoga. It can be life changing, empowering individuals to open themselves up to new experiences both physically and mentally.

Did you answer yes to any of these questions?

Yoga-4u can be a great tool to aid you in reaching your goals.

I am pleased to be able to offer private and semi-private yoga from a studio adjoining my home.

I have been a certified yoga instructor for over 5 years and I enjoy being able to work with a client one-on-one or in small groups, allowing the session to flow at the pace that best suits them. I will work with you to create a session based on your needs and goals. If private yoga appeals to you and you would like to make an appointment please call or email me.

​Every journey begins with a first step. I look forward to helping you begin or enrich your yogic journey.


My Studio

I do all of my Private yoga sessions and Yin, Restorative and Yin Nidra yoga classes in my small, intimate studio where you can feel comfortable and not on display. I have many props and tools to help you into the alignment and depth of posture that is right for your body.


Peaceful & Restful

I offer aromatherapy, relaxing music and dimmable lighting to create a peaceful and restful environment.

My Services

Each session I provide needs to be booked in advance. The prices listed below are for Yoga at my studio. Mats and props can be provided, though for ongoing clients I can make recommendations on what to purchase.

Select the service that’s right for you.

“I enjoy working one on one or in small groups, fostering an environment where my students feel comfortable asking questions and are able to relax.” Kim

Private Restorative Yoga – 60 minute session – $60.00;  3/60 minute sessions – $150.00;   90 minute session – $90

Come experience the power of slowing down.  Restorative yoga uses props to create positions of ease and comfort that facilitate relaxation and healing, calming your  nervous system, relaxing your body and relieving tension from your muscles.  It allows you to let go of stress, as your parasympathetic nervous system takes over and shifts you out of the “normal” state of heightened tension we all find ourselves in today. The intention of these comfortable, very relaxing postures is to enable you and your body to feel supported and safe, creating an environment where the layers of stress can begin to be released.  In my private session with you I will use bolsters, blocks, weighted pillows, blankets, soft music, aromatherapy, massage and Reiki (the japanese art of healing hands) to help you reach a place of deep relaxation where you can begin to let go  The time you will spend in each of the postures ranges anywhere from 2-10 minutes allowing your body ample time to shift into a deeply relaxed state for an extended period of time.  Your energy is then refocused toward repairing, healing and restoring your body to a healthier and more energetic state. Restorative yoga is a practice in and of itself.   It is for people of all ages, at all levels of yoga experience  and in all states of health.  Benefits can last from days to weeks.

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 Private/Semi-private Yin Yoga sessions $60 per 60 min session or 3-1 hour sessions for $150;  $90 for 90 min session

Yin Yoga classes – 75 min  $20 per class ( 6 people max per class)

Restorative Yoga classes – 60 min $20 per classes ( 4 people max per class)

Yin Nidra yoga class – 60 min $20 per class ( 6 people max per class)

 5  class package – interchangeable with all classes $80

Enjoy the benefits of Reiki, aromatherapy and plenty of personal attention, as you de-stress and relax in my small, candlelit classes.

Yin Yoga focuses on increasing your flexibility and strengthening your joints. It is a style of yoga with seated or low to the mat postures held for longer periods of time, commonly one to five minutes or more, that can significantly increase your range of motion, and make your joints more resilient and less prone to injury. Yin also has a meditative quality to it. You learn to become more in tune with the sensations in your body and how to focus the mind in order to create a sense of calmness and relaxation during the postures.

Yin classes  are currently scheduled for:  Monday and Tuesday evenings 7-8:15 pm Please sign up online for a Yin Yoga class.   Yin class Package-5 classes for $80. Bring a friend special. Get a FREE class when your friend buys a package!

Restorative Yoga focuses on learning how to deeply relax and therefore open the body.  You create an environment that allows the body to feel safe and comfortable so that you can work on releasing the “layers ” of muscular and mental tension that have built up in your body over the years.  Relaxation is a learned response and one that is vital to creating balance in our lives considering the hectic world we live in today. For more information on Restorative Yoga and its many benefits please see the above segment on my Private Restorative Yoga Sessions.

Restorative Yoga classes are currently scheduled for : Thursday evenings 6-7pm  and  7:30-8:30 pm.  Please sign up online for a Restorative yoga class. Restorative class package available  -5 classes for $80.  

Yin Nidra combines Yin yoga with Yoga Nidra, a 25 minute guided meditation during Savasana, that turns your focus inward as you consciously rotate your attention to different areas of your body creating a deep physical relaxation, while your mind remains in a state of awareness that hovers between wakefulness and sleep.  1 hour of this “yogic sleep” is as restorative as 4 hours of normal sleep.

Yin Nidra class is currently scheduled for :  Wednesday evenings  7-8pm.  Please sign up online for a Yin Nidra class

Packages can be used interchangeably with  all classes

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Introduction to Yoga (Vinyasa flow)-  60 minute session – $60.00 ;  3/60 minute sessions $150

Let’s cultivate your strength, grace, balance, focus, body awareness and build a sense of calm by introducing you to the basics of Vinyasa flow yoga. Vinyasa is a type of yoga that links your breath with your movements as you flow though a series of postures or “asanas”. Yoga is accessible to everyone; you just have to know how to start.

Schedule a Private Session

Introduction to Meditation –  private 1/2 hour session – $45.00

Bring your attention to the present moment. Take the time to slow down by learning how to relax, and relieve stress. Meditation is the  practice of focusing on a sound, object, mantra, visualization, your breath, or some other focal point of your choosing. Meditating for even short periods of time, 10 to 20 minutes a day can have profound effects on your health and wellbeing.

Schedule a Private Session

Custom Session based on your needs – 1/2 hour session $45.00, 1 Hour Session $60.00, 90 minute session $90

When you book your session we will discuss what you would like to achieve during our time together.

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“Kim is not only a kind soul, but she knows her stuff! I took her yin yoga class several times and each time I learned something new, be it something about my anatomy, or techniques to use breath to calm the mind. She is dedicated to providing students with a safe, fulfilling and educational experience but above all, I found myself more relaxed than I have ever been in any larger studio. The personal touch and attention she offers her students is what makes this studio stand out from any other. I’m really looking forward to trying her restorative session!! As an avid student and teacher of yoga myself, I’d recommend this studio to all my friends!”

Mary Beth Francis • Yoga Teacher

“I had the pleasure of seeing Kim for a restorative yoga session recently. Her space is beautiful and welcoming. Kim greeted me with a hug and instantly made me feel comfortable. I spent my whole session in a state of blissful relaxation! I was gently lead through restorative yoga postures that felt great. Kim offers hands on assists and is very knowledgeable about the benefits of each posture. Her voice is gentle and her energy is very calming and healing if you are open to receiving! I encourage those who visit Kim to come in with an open mind, allow yourself to enjoy every minute of this time! Thank you Kim for helping me relax and feel great!”

Nicole A.

“I truly enjoyed and benefited from both the Yin and Restorative yoga classes I took with Kim at her beautiful studio. Kim is a very knowledgeable yoga teacher and she has such a calming energy. The Yin yoga class I took with her really helped my body to stretch and lengthen. A hip issue I’ve been having for months was immediately improved after one Yin class with her. The restorative yoga class that I took with her was one of the most peaceful and relaxing experiences I’ve had in my life. I’ll definitely be back to take more classes with her.”

Robin Batters-Fletcher • Yoga Student

“Thank you Yoga-4U, Kim!  My only regret is not trying this sooner. I took “traditional” Yoga 19 years ago and since then & 4 kids later, I just figured that I had too little time, not to mention, patience to be still.  Well, Restorative Yoga is exactly what I needed and I was very pleased that I made the time for me!  I called it my Yoga Massage!  It put my mind, body and soul at ease. At the end of my session, I was disappointed……That it was over!  The succession of different postures combined with Kim’s calm, peaceful and professional direction kept the flow in sync with the atmosphere Kim so beautifully created in her studio.  Now I can’t wait to try Yin Yoga!  Yoga-4U is must try for everyone!”

Rachel M.
  • Yin, Restorative or Yin Nidra yoga class package- 5 classes for $80

  • Private Restorative or Yin yoga package buy 3 – 1 hour sessions for $150

  • Vinyasa package – 3 privates/semi-privates $150

    Bring a friend to class special ~ If your friend buys a package you get a free class.

Yoga-4U Events

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About Me

I came to yoga as a runner looking for relief for my tight hamstrings. What began as a supplement to my other exercises slowly began to replace them. Yoga had become my focus. Not only was it helping my hamstrings loosen up, but my whole body and state of mind seemed to relax.

I completed my RYS 200 hour yoga teacher training program in December of 2012 as well as an extensions program at Core Power Yoga. I then went on to get certifications in Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra as well as becoming a Reiki Master.  I found with experience that the larger classes were not the best place for me to help my students grow in their practice. I enjoy working one on one or in small groups, fostering an environment where my students feel comfortable asking questions and are able to relax.

 I  have continue to deepen my practice through reading, yoga festivals and experimenting with many different disciplines of yoga. Through this  exploration I found my true passion in Yin and Restorative yoga. It created a balance in my life that I had been missing. It is impossible to know how wound up you have become until you begin to unwind. Sitting down is not the same as relaxing if you are holding all kinds of stress and tension in your muscles. I realized that relaxation is a learned process. Yin, Restorative yoga, Yoga Nidra and meditation  are the path to just that, they teach you how to create relaxation in your body and mind. My hope is that I can help more people begin to discover the power in slowing down. I would love to help you take your first step, in a new direction, for a more balanced life.


Kim Yirak | Poway, CA

+1.858.334.8796 | kim@yoga-4u.com

To schedule a private Restorative, Vinyasa, Yin, meditation or custom yoga session please fill out the information below including the type of session, date and time preference and I will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Please sign up online for a Yin, Restorative or Yin Nidra Yoga class.
Bring a friend special. Get a FREE class when your friend buys a package!

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